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Visit Three Musicians at MoMA in NYC! Write a conversation among the three of them in your mystery journal. You'll need it to solve your mystery!

Under the musician's stand, you see my tail, but can you find my head?

Mysterious Museum of Language and Arts

Visit this website to find out the mystery to these three things in Picasso's life: 1.The Rose Period 2. Cubism Art 3. Abstract Art

Pablo Picasso Mystery

Daily DictationEvery day, listen to one dictation. Using your best handwriting, listen and write the passage in your journal. When you finish, check your work for proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Have fun!

Monday Dictation

Tuesday Dictation

Wednesday Dictation

Thursday Dictation

Friday Dictation



Visit Three Musicians at MoMA again. This time, you will make a pictograph of the geometric shapes in this painting.


Morphing Picasso's suitable for children


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