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Did you know that there are over 40 different types of Pianos?There are many different types of pianos and related instruments. One type of a piano is called a upright piano it is one of the more common types of pianos. You might find this piano in a music room, school, house, and some other common places. Another type of a piano is a grand piano. You will find this in more of a fancier place like a restaurant or a concert. There are also related instruments that are in the keyboard group along with the original piano . In conclusion there are many types of pianos and new being invented.

Have you ever wondered what a Piano is good for?The piano was mostly invented as a instrument that could let you express your feelings. Many different cultures have different types of music. The Piano lets you play any type of music if you put your mind to it. Another reason people play the piano is so they can have a skill that they can use. Most people like different music when you play a piano you can play a new melody to a old song to make it your own. So the Piano was invented to let many people play the piano to feelings flow and just be creative and happy.

This is the inside of a upright Piano. In all Pianos there are many different strings that range from 1 ml. to less than 1 inch.

This is a picture of a Piano factory in Japan. It takes a lot of work to build just one Piano by hand.

This is an inside of old Piano.


The piano is an important thing to learn about because many people play it and it is a very interesting instrument. The Piano is the second most played instrument in the U.S.A.. Many people think the Piano is the glue that hold a performance together. It is very important to many people’s life because music can make a gigantic difference if you're having a bad day. That is why Pianos are important.

This is a short clip on the keys of a Piano.

When you first press a key on a keyboard of a Piano, first a little felt tipped hammer called a damper comes off the string while a hammer strikes the string to make it vibrate. When you release a key the damper comes on the string to stop the vibration. Also when you hold the damper pedal the damper stays off and lets the vibration ring out longer to make the sound richer. Otherwise if you press the other pedal it keeps the damper on to shorten up the sound.

Different types of Pianos.

Why are Pianos used?

Why a Piano is important

How a Piano works.


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    I think you should not an I think you should but Thise is the inside of a old piano.

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    I really liked how you used full sentences and gave interesting captions. I also think that you gave a vary good reason of why pianos are important.

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