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DescriptionPlaying piano is something I do to pass time and calm me down. The piano makes a flawless sound, and looks so elegant and complex. This instrument is beautiful and is easy to fall in love with.


Kate B135

InterestI love the piano because it has the ability to evoke devastation and enthusiasm at the same time. A melody can go from dark and haunting to light and upbeat in a matter of seconds. This provides an easy way to get something across to a listener. Playing the piano looks amazingly complex and tantalizing, yet it is surprisingly so simple that you would think a symphony was just a short song.

HistoryThe instrument originated from a type of harp, called a psaltery, in which strings were lined up upon a curved block of wood, creating different pitches when they were plucked. Around the middle of the twelfth century, a keyboard like instrument was created with strings controlled by tangents, that muted and unmuted the sounds produced. Eventually, keyboards were made with many more strings, and pedals that slurred and stopped the sounds. By the year 1420, sharp and flat keys were added to the piano, which allowed even more notes and note combinations to be possible.

Interesting Facts1. The largest piano is 11 ft, 8 in long and weighs over 1 ton.2. The tension in strung piano strings can equal 18 to 20 tons.3. Pianos have 220 to 230 strings.4. One of the most expensive pianos ever sold was sold for $1.2 million.5. A square piano was made in 1760.


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