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1. The piano was developed in the year 1700.2. It was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori.3. The piano is a very large instrument which has 88 keys in the front, and a large block in the back which contains small hammers and strings. 4. Each piano key plays a certain note. You play the piano by pushing the note you desire. Once you push the key, a hammer inside of the piano hits a string and causes a vibration, which makes a note. 5. At first, thre were versions of the piano with no pedals, limiting the types of notes a composer could write in a song. With the invention of teh piano, composers were able to write music that was both soft and loud. 6. There are three types of pianos: Grand, Upright, and Electronic. Sometimes these types are re-sized or combined to create a sub-type of piano. 7. Another name for the piano is the pianoforte.8. 3 famous piano players are Mozart, Beethoven, and Muzio Clementi.

Grand Piano

Electronic Piano

Upright Piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Muzio Clementi

Ludwig van Beethoven


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