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Piaget's idea of discovery learning played a very large part in changing primary curriculum, this being a contribution to education today.

A major contribution was his influence on the UK's publication of the Plowden Report (1967). The UK reviewed their primary education using Piaget's theory to create this report, which changed the UK's education system.


The idea of readiness has changed how many educators teach chikdren. Most curriculums are based off of a child's readiness to learn, according to Piaget's stages of development.

Providing a constructivist classroom is a way that teachers can implement Piaget's theories. In a constructivist classroom children guide their learning experiences and are also physically and mentally active.

According to Piaget's idea of a constructivist classroom, it is important for teachers to be partners with children.

The video above is an example of a child in the Preoperational Stage. During this stage it is difficult for a child to see more than one aspect of a problem.



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