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Duties:-Identify the physical problem-Make/review treatment program suited to patients injury-Encouraging/teaching exercises and techniques for recovery such as: -Therapeutic movement and exercise therapy -Massage -Manipulation -Electrotherapy and/or hydrotherapy-Helping patients with joint and spinal problems-Supervising physiotherapy assistants (including junior physiotherapists in training)-Writing notes, records and reports on patients-Collecting progress and statistics of patients-Advising and teaching patients how to prevent future injuries-Learning and keeping up to date with newer technology and techniques

Job Description:As a Physiotherapist, there are many different aspects you can specialize in such as stroke rehabilitation or treating for soft tissue injuries. However, the general job description is the same. As a Physiotherapist, you will treat patients of all ages who have recieved a physcial difficulty from a disability, illness, ageing or injury. You will provide exercises, stretches and techniques to help the patient recover as well as give advice on how to avoid future injuries.


Physiotherapist By Jessica Oliver

Specialized Skills1) Knowing what kind of injury the person has. Since my mom was a physiotherapist, she has always helped me with my injuries. Over the years and all the injuries I've picked up on a few things she taught me. However, I need training to know the bones, muscles and parts of the body as well as all the treatments and techniques.2) Knowing what kind of techniques to use for treatment and how to perform them. Since I play a lot of sports, I know some general stretches to help treat soft tissue injuries however I do not know specifics.

Example PathwayTRAINING AT WESTERN UNIVERSITY-To receive general training in science-4 Year ProgramDegrees Received:-Bachelor of Arts (BA)-Bachelor of Science (BSc)Money:Tuitions fees 1,271.91 Residential Cost 5,940-6,970 Meal Plans 4,040-4,600 Total 68,238.2 X4 YearsTRAINING AT MCMASTER UNIVERSITYTo receive training in physiotherapy. -2 Year ProgramDegrees Received:-Masters of Physical TherapyMoney: Tuition Fees 9,044.00Learning Resource Fee 251.92RESIDENCE 4,885 X 2 yearsMEAL PLAN 3,425TOTAL 33,527.58GRAND TOTAL: 101,765.78

EarningsAverage $55,000-$80,000Early in career $35,000-$55,000Many years of experience Up to and over $100,000 Owning own clinic $40,000-$100,000

I think the amount that a physiotherapist earns is enough to support the lifestyle I want to live one day. I don't have much idea really on what I even want my life to look like when I'm older but I think this would definitely be enough to support me. All I know is that I would love to travel and at some point have a family and I think the earnings are enough to support me.

Working Conditions-Hours: 37/week, Monday-Friday as well as sometimes a few hours on the weekend depending on scheduled appointments and patients.-Working Place: Hospitals, health centres or clinics.Environment: -Working with handshelping patients with movement, stretches, treatment, etc.

Personal ReflectionAfter researching Physiotherapy I am still interested in this occupation. The job seems very interesting and I like that you are up and moving all day instead of sitting in front of a computer at a desk. However, I do not like the fact that there is a possibility of working on the weekend and this is also something that surprised me. I do also think that my interests, skills and abilities are suitable for this job. I love sports and I’m interested in having a job that does not require sitting down all day. Since my mom was a physiotherapist, I also have some general knowledge of what physiotherapists do. I’m good at communicating and encouraging people and I think this would be a very fun job.

Related Jobs-Chiropractor-Allied Primary Health Practitioners-Audiologists and speech-language pathologists-Occupational TherapistsThe transferable skills needed are definitely communication, listening and problem solving skills. These are skills needed for communication with patients as well as figuring out the problem and solution to helping them.Future TrendsIn the past few years, the increase of physiotherapists has been very large due to the mass of ageing population. The number of physiotherapist should still continue to increase in the years to come.Self EmploymentOnce you have specialized in a part of physiotherapy, there is really no room to advance. The only way to move up is self employment where you would have your own clinic, however, this is a huge commitment.

I chose this job because:1) It's very rewarding when you help a patient recover.2) There are tons of different injuries that can occur, which always keep the job interesting using different techniques and skills each day.3) You can work face-to-face with people instead of a computer.

Highschool CreditsGrade 12:English CalculusAlgebra and GeometryBiology ChemistryPhysics Social StudiesHealth and PhysEd

University1) University Program in either: -Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy -Kinesiology -Health and PhysEd -Anatomy -Recreation Therapy/Therapeutic recreation -Rehabilitation services2) Bachelor’s degree needed with courses in human physiology, psychology, and statistics (4 years to complete)3) Master's Degree in Physiotherapy (2-3 years to complete4) Licensing requirements

Job Satisfaction-The job is very rewarding You feel really good after you help a patient improve and/or recover.-Work hours are very flexible as you can generally schedule appointments that fit to your life and your own schedule.Stress-Having too many patients-Not being able to help a patient/progress is very slow


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