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Friction is the force that opposes an object from moving. For example, friction between the soles of our shoes to ground. Friction helps us walk and not slip and fall. the force done with friction would be force subtracted by friction. the work done against frictional forces is mainly transferred to heat and sometimes sound. For example rub your hands together and can feel your hands becoming warmer because of friction. Brakes pads of a car become hot if they are applied for too long. In this case some of the car’s energy may be transferred to heat and sound in the form of a squeal sound.


Work is done when a force that is applied to an object moves that object. Work is calculated by multiplying force applied and the distance the body displaced. The SI unit for work done is joules (J), work done is equal to energy transferred hence both work and energy is joules.


When force applied to an object and the body doesn’t move then the work done would be zero. For example Derek pushed the wall with force but the wall did not move. So, the work done would be zero..

When a body moves with constant speed due its its force and friction acting together giving 0 N as the net force the work done would be zero. the work done would be zero cause the force is zero.

When a body move perpendicular to direction the force is applied the work done would be zero. For example, Caleb carries a bag on his head and walks.

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Types of Zero Work done

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