Physics of Waves

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Physics of Waves

Physics of Waves



A wave is a transfer of energy through either a medium or space. They do not transfer particles.1) A mechanical wave, such as a wave on the beach, requires a medium, in this case, water.2) Electromagnetic waves are waves that do not require a medium and can transfer through space. The light spectrum shows most kinds of electromagnetic waves.

V = fλ

Reflections are waves bouncing off a material.

V = Velocity or speed of a wave (usually in m/s)f = frequency of a wave (in Hz or Hertz)λ = Wavelength (in length measurements)

Refractions andReflections

What is a wave? What kinds are there?

An Electromagnetic wave

Interference of two mechanical waves

What does it all meaaaan?

Refraction through a prism


Refractions are made when waves moving a certain speed are pushed through a new medium that travels at a different speed, changing the direction of the wave.


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