physics of volleyball

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physics of volleyball


Of Volleyball

The First move in volleyball is the serve. Not only do the players have an acceleration, the ball does as well. During a serve the ball has constant accleration. As the ball’s velocity increases it’s distance also becomes greater in the given time. Since it is in constant acceleration, the velocity increases by the same amount for each times.

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The second move for the ball is the pass or dig. A recommended tip is to cushion hard hits and swing on the slow ones. Cushioning hard driven hits increases the time of contact, therefore, decreasing the force applied to the ball. A slower incoming ball requires a greater force in order to direct it to its target so the digger must swing at the ball to supply this force.

Several aspects of volleyball involve physics, including displacement, velocity, and force. Each of the six players on the court is assigned to a certain position such as front right, front left, or back middle. Although the six players have a set spot, they move and adjust to the play of the ball, and the distance they move is considered their displacement. Displacment is defined as a change in position of an object and can be either positive or negative depending on the starting point and which direction is considered a positive move.

The last thing that is done is the Spike. During the approach your body has kinetic energy, energy of motion. The goal is to transfer this into potential energy. Since potential energy is the product of the mass of the player, gravity, and the height of the jump, the height will then determine how much potential energy will be released upon the ball.

The third move in volleyballl is the set. The motion of easing the ball closer to you just before launching it to another player means that at one point, the ball's velocity is zero, you are not catching the ball when you set. Bending then extending your knees or stepping transfers the kinetic energy from your legs to your hands to the ball and adds to its motion. Your sets always depends on wether you are running a four or a shoot. Shoots need to be faster and more precise.