Physics Matters

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Physics Matters

Jacob Heard

Physics Matters!

What is Antimatter?~Antimatter is the opposite of matter~Particles are oppositely charged~When they touch, they annihilate~Antimatter annihilation is a very powerful source of energy

Technologies Today~CERN is making big breakthroughs~AMS might change the way we see animatter~The Brookhaven National Lab is making a revolution with their machine ALPHA~Labs have been able to contain antimatter for over fifteen minutes

Where is it?~Most of the antimatter is on the other side of the universe, too far for us to travel to~Space probes have discovered a cloud of it near the center of the Milky Way~Extremely small amounts are Earth~It is also produced in very large solar storms

Who Discovered it?~Paul Dirac first wrote formulas regarding antimatter ~He discovered it in the 1930's~His colleagues helped him prove antimatter's existance~Other labs went on to prove the other particles in antimatter


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