Physics and Chemistry

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Physics and Chemistry

Chemical Bonds


5 of the labs we've done throughout the yearElectromagnet Lab- In this lab, we learned about the attraction of magnetsAcid and base lab- We took sample solutions and if mixed them to obseve if there was a chemical change or physical changeWaves lab- Used a slinky to demonstrate the different types of wave patterns and their occurences. Flame test lab- We identified the patterns on the periodic table, chemical propertiesChemistry in a bag- observed different types of chemical compounds to indicate a chemical change or a physical change.

3 topics difficult to understaqnd1) Waves and the different patterns of wave occurences: Motion of waves and types of waves. 2) Magnets and understanding of the north and south poles 3) Chemical bonds and the ionization of compounds


Bunsen Burner


3 Topics

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Answer for EThree topics that we understood were Alchemy Lab, Newton's 2nd law lab, and the Rollercoaster lab. I understood the Alchemy lab because I got to know more about how to change the copper penny into gold, and more about the elements Copper and Zinc. I understood the rollercoaster lab because we got to understand more about force. and acceleration . I understood the Newton's 2nd law lab because of the ratio of the mass and acceleration.

Magnet Attraction

Answer for A.The top 5 labs we enjoyed were,1.)Electromagnet lab: I enjoyed this lab because I got to understand more about the properties of magnets and I got to test different types of magnets in real life.Waves lab: I enjoyed the waves lab because the way our teacher demonstrated the types of waves using a slinky, helped me understand more about the different types of wave motions. Alchemy Lab: I enjoyed the Alchemy lab because I experienced how to use fire in science and I learned more about using fire in science experiments. Chemistry in a bag: I enjoyed Chemistry in a bag lab because Acid and Base lab: We took sample solutions and we identified whether the substance is an acid or a base.

Answer for BThe lab that I was unable to understand was the Acid and Base lab because most of the materials we needed were hydrogen peroxide and some other materials.Something that could be changed is that we should do something like on #1 and we should do that and then after some trials we should have done #3 with #1. Another one that I didn’t quite understand was the Waves lab because we got to participate in the activity, but not the one that our teacher demonstrated what could be different was that we should not do with slinky but something else.The last lab that I didn’t enjoy was flame test because I didn’t know how to perform the lab, and I felt like it needed more explanation.

Answer for DThree topics that were difficult to understand were balancing equations, chemical bonds, and polarity of bonds. In Balancing equations, I had a hard time understanding where to put the coefficients in proper places to balance the equation and had a hard time understanding whether the changing subscripts of the element is allowed.

Answer for C 3 topics that I enjoyed were the lab with the copper penny. I found this interesting because of the color change from silver to gold. The second lab that was interesting was the chemistry in a bag.That lab was interesting because it changes color and it changes temperature. The last one that was interesting is electromagnet lab because we got to understand more about magnets and the attraction of force with those magnets.

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