Physical Wellbeing

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Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing

What Can I Do To Manitain A Healthy Weight? To maintain your weight you don't have skip breakfast or lunch etc. but not eat more than your three main meals and a few snacks. The easiest way is to choose a healthier choice instead of junk food like drinking a glass of water instead of cordial or soft drink.

The Other Side Of Physical WellbeingEven though physical wellbeing is great there is also the bad side. If you go to the gym then there will be a sum of money that will be going towards that. Time, lots of time will have to go toward it if you are unorganised, and worst of all injuries. Injuries are bound to happen, whatever sort of physical activity you will do at one point in time you will get injured.

Am I Overweight?Lots of people think that they are overweight when they aren't so here's a link to a website that will tell you once and for all

So what is Physical Health and what can I do to maintain it?Physical Health has three main components maintaining a healthy weight, staying fit and eating healthy, nutritious food. Maintaining Physical health will help you every second of your life but mostly later on in life. You will feel better, happier you will have less chance of getting unwanted diseases, and symptoms and will give you a considerably longer life span. Eating healthy nutritious food isn’t hard but just takes a little time. You can do things like leaving a spoon of sugar out in your coffee or tea or going to fast food stores less often and when you do these things then it will help maintain your weight. When you eat you shouldn’t eat less nor should much and you should never miss out on breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day and gives you energy for the start of your day. The other side of physical health is maintaining fit. You can accomplish this by regular visits to the gym, walking the dog, playing sport for school or club etc. All this also helps you with the other sides of wellbeing like mental spiritual etc. By taking all this in and using this in your life you will feel happier, better and all over have a great life.

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