Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists examine, diagnosis, and create a plan of care for the patient. Make short- & long-term goals increase range of motion, decrease pain and help the patient get back to everyday life. They perform tests and measures to identify potential and existing problems.Also makes exercise plans for healthy patients to increase well - being.

This job is projected to grow 34 percent from 2014 to 2024.

Physical Therapist examine patients and develope a plan to increase mobility, lessen pain and prevent disability. Physical Therapists work with patients, family and other physician to make sure the plan is carried out. Physical Therapists can use exercise, ice, ultrasound, electrotherapy or massage to help better the patients condition.

First need to complete a bachelor's degree and gain volunteer or observation experience in the area of physical therapy. Then complete a graduates degree from accredited school for Physical Therapy, which could be a Doctorates degree. Physical Therapists also have to be licensed by your state. You also have to get certified by ABPTS.

Physical Therapy


Daily responsibilities


-The ability to work with patients.-Have to be physically fit.-Have to be CPR certified. -The ability to detect changes in your patient to make sure there healthy.-The ability to react to monitors and call assistances.-The ability to feel pulse and muscle tone.

-APTA-ACPTA-ABPTRFE-ABPTS-CAPTE-Foundation for Physical Therapy-fsbpt-PTPAC-World Confederation fpr Physical Therapy

Skills & Abilities

Pros-Excelent job opportunities.-Working in a career that helps people.-Excellent salaries.-Can often find part-time work.-Wide variety of work settings.Cons-Time it takes for eduction.-Cost of education.-Excessive paper work.-Little opportunity for career change.


Salary- $82,390/ year

Job Outlook


Career Highlights

How to become a PT


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