Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapist

What are the duties of a physical therapist?They need to diagnose patients' dysfunctional movements by observing them.They need to set up a plan for their patients, outlining the patient's goals and the planned treatments.They need to use methods such as exercises and hand-on therapy to ease patients' pain to help them increase their ability to move.They need to educate patients and their families about what to expect during recovery and illness.They hold a big amount of responsibility for the health & safety of others.How do I get this job?

What skills do I need?I need strong analytic and observational skills to diagnose a patient's problem.I need to have skills in performing tasks especially with the hands. I need to be able to enjoy working and interacting with people.I need to have a strong physical stamina to spend most of my time working on my feet.

I need a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and a Master of Physical Therapy degree.

Physical therapist

Physical therapists help people who have injuries or illnesses improve their movement and manage their pain.

I need to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination.

What are the benefits to this job?They make a difference when they see progress through treatments.They are movement experts that are highly educated experts in the movement and function of the human body. They enjoy job security.They gain the compassion to be drawn to the profession in part by a desire to help people.They can be an entrepreneur and be an owner of a physical therapy practice.Helping people to attain or regain the ability to walk & carry out life can lead to a great feeling of personal satisfaction.They could work with patients of all ages across the country (choose their location).They are offered supportive management that stands behind employees when occupations satisfy this work value.Offered advancement, potential for leadership, and often considered prestigious when occupations satisfy this work value.

Related occupations:-Audiologists-Chiropractors-Occupational Therapists-Recreational Therapists-Speech-Language Pathologists

SalaryThe average salary for this position is $79,860. U.S. Department of Labor. 2013. Visited December 18, 2013.2- U.S. Department of Labor.2013. Visited December 18, American Physical Therapy Association. 2013. Visited December 19, National Center for O*NET Development. 2013. Visited December 19, 2013

What does this job demand?Physical therapists definitely need a strong physical stamina.They spend much of their time standing, walking, running.

What do I need to know?I need to have knowledge in medicine and dentistry, customer and personal service, psychology, therapy and counseling, and biology.

Work Environment-Private offices and clinics-Hospitals; state, local, & private-Home health care services-Nursing and residential care facilities.

I need to have a license to be a physical therapist.

The things physical therapists often face include:-possibilities of conflict situations in terms of treatments.-time pressure when needed to make strict deadlines.-dealing with unpleasant, angry, or discourteous people.-cramped work space that require getting into awkward positions.-exposure to disease and infection.-consequence of error can result in a possibility of not being correctable.-having to face with the importance of being exact or accurate.


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