[2015] Nia Sherwood: Physical Science Standards

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[2015] Nia Sherwood: Physical Science Standards

The Atom .

What is an atom?The basic unit of a chemical element.

Atoms are composed of small particles that determine the properties of the atom.The atom is made up of four main parts. That is the Nucleus, electrons, protons and nuetrons.

The Periodic Table


Elements are organized on the periodic table according to their properties.Each square on the table includes an element’s name, chemical symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass.The table is categorized in three main sections, the metals, non metals, and metalloids.


Each horizontal row of elements (from left to right) on the periodic table is called a period. Each vertical column of elements (from top to bottom) on the periodic table is called a group.

Phases of Matter

What is matter?Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.


All matter takes up space.Two properties of matter are volume and mass. The amount of space taken up, or occupied, by an object is known as the object’s volume. Physical properties and chemical properties are two concepts that fall under matter.


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