Physical Disabilities

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Physical Disabilities

A physical disability is the partial or total loss of function of a person's body. Physical disabilities can afffect ability to walk, motor skills or even bladder control. These disabilites can be present from birth or can occur later in life and may include partial or total loss of limb. Some disabilites can be seen (amputation, cerebral palsy or spina bifida) and some are hidden (epilepsy or post-polio syndrome). The variety of disabilities are as wide ranging as the circumstances behind them.

Physical Disabilities

What is a pyhsical disabilitiy and how can you ensure your students don't get left out or left behind academically?

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Teaching Tips

1) Understand their disability If you have specific questions about their disability or any accommodations they may need, ask them in a private setting. They don't need or want to be singled out because of their disability. 2) Include activites that are accessible Make sure that all field trips/classroom activities have the necessary accomodations so that the student/students aren't excluded.3) Give them time Many disabilites can impact the amount of time it takes a child to move from one area to another or how long it takes them to understand the information you've provided. Sometimes this calls for more time to work or even extended deadlines.4. Don't lower your standards Consider alternative forms of assessment, instead of lowering your standards, offer a reasonable opportunity for students to demonstrate what they've learned.


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