Physical and Chemical Changes

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Physical and Chemical Changes

Chemical changes: occur when a new substance is added to an already existing substance and a new substance is formed. chemical changes occur by adding/distroying bonds between atoms and is irraversable. You can tell if their is a chemical change if; a colour change happens or a precipitate is produced that you cannot get rid of, gas is created, heat or light is created or absorbed or the object smells (and in some cases sounds) diffrent to what it did originaly. some examples of chemical changes are; oxygen rusting iron and producing iron-oxide, frying an egg, or burning chocolate to form a new and exciting substance.

Ice melting into water is a physical change because it is a change in state and can be undone by freezing the water to make ice.Slicing a boiled egg is a physical change because all you have done to the particles in the boild egg is seperate them and make them look diffrent not add a new substance.

Physical or Chemical? Chemical changes are far better than physical changes because after a chemical change occurs a whole new substance is formed! If you add sugar in a glass of water and let it dissolve the product is sugar water. How much more exciting is that! Chemical changes can occur in a variety of diffrent ways, and once they have occurd are irraversable. Compare cutting a boild egg in half and watching a firework explode and flood the night sky with colour. Whitch is more exciting? Chemical changes can be used in a variety of diffrent ways are also very useful. Cooking an egg for your breakfast is a chemical change. How would you like it to eat a raw egg inatead? Smashing your mothers favourite bowl, however, is a physical change. How dull! Physical changes only chang an object appearence not what it actually is. Not that that bowl is much use after it's smashed! Without chemical changes where would we be in todays world? So much in life depends on chemical changes, we just don't notice! Chemical changes are used in a countless number of ways.From cooking that egg or some pancakes for breakfast, baking a cake, lighting a match, mixing water with cement or making medicine. Chemical reactions are also chemical changes. Just about everything you do in everyday life that involves mixing two substances together to make a new one is a chemical change. Chemical changes are a vital part of life and are therefore far superiour to physical changes.

Fireworks exploding is a chemical change

Chemical Change

physical changes: occur when molecules are arranged into a diffrent shape to change the way they look. This can happen if an object is to change shape, pressure is put on the object or it is broken into smaller particles. It is often reversable. Examples of a physical change are; ice melting into water, a carrot being cut in half or squashing a coca-cola can.

Physical change


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when fireworks explode the chemicles inside of them are burning and making new chemicals to emmit light and sound.The rusting of a nail occurs when the iron in the nail reacts with oxygen and rust is formed making a new substance; iron-oxide.

Smashing a bowl is a physical change because it is a change in appearence and can be undone. Frying an egg is a chemical change because it changes the molicules in the egg from a raw egg into something we can eat.

Yes, this is a chemical change too.(supernova)



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