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Hemp Family(Cannabaceae)one of the most well know plants in the world!!

Where can you find these?Cannabis is native to South Asia, where it was first cultivated and developed into the two varieties. It is now a cultivated crop and an invasive in many parts of the world.

Two well known genera: Cannabis-hempHumulus-hop

*Members of the hemp family are dioecious; male and female flowers on seperate plants. -The male flowers frow in loose panicles; each flower with 5 sepals, 0 petals and 5 stamens.-The female flowers form dense clusters, sometimes hidden by leafy bracts; 5 sepals, 0 petals. *The ovary is positioned superior with 2 united carpels forming a singe chamber. *There are two completely seperate styles. *One carpel is aborted, so that te ovary matures a single dry seed called an achenes.*Pollinated by the wind: calyx is short and there is no corolla

Use by/ impact on humans:Edible: Hemp seeds can be eaten raw, roasted, or ground into nut butter or the seeds can be pressed into a vegetable oil. High in omega fatty acids.Medicinal: chemical THC; Pain-relieving drug used by those suffering from chronic pain.It can be made into clothes, paper, fuel and oil.Smoked and eaten for recreational purposes, to experience psychoactive effects or a high.Hop: is cultivated for its fruits which contain aromatic substances used in the production of beer. Its young shoots are used as vegetables.



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