Phylum: Mollusca

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Phylum: Mollusca

You can find us enjoying long walks on the beach or deep in the sea. We make cute babies!

Octupus: Single and ready to mingle!!

Phylum: Mollusca

Octupus:INTELLIGENT: well-developed brains, composed of many groups of ganglia, in keeping with their highly developed sensory systems and their lively, predatory behavior. These large brains are covered with cartilaginous cases. The rapid responses due to giant nerve fibers that control the muscles of the mantlecephalopods (the “head-foots”) the most evolutionarily advanced animals to be found among the invertebrates.ROMANTIC:. Fertilization occurs when the male uses one of his arms to transfer the packets of sperm, called spermatophores, from his mantle cavity to the mantle cavity of the female. The female produces an intricate, gelatinous egg mass in which the developing embryos are protected until they hatch as miniature adults

The phylum is divided into three diverse classes.Bivalvia(snails,clams, oysters, scallops, mussels) Gastropoda ( largest group: periwinkles, whelks, slugs) and Cephalopoda (octupus)

mollus, meaning "soft"

How we protect our selves:Cephalopods have sacs from which they can release a dark fluid that forms a cloud, concealing their retreat and confusing their enemies

We love to "Cuttle"


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