Phylum Flamingos

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Phylum Flamingos



Physical CharacteristicsGreater flamingo the tallest standing 43-51 in and weighing 7.7 lb Lesser flamingo stands 31.5 in and weighs 5.5 lbWingspan ranges between 37-39 inFeather color varies from pale pink to crimson or vermilionMale flamingos reach full size between 1.5-2 years Male Flamingos are much larger than the females

Close RelativesSpoonbills and Ibises of Threskiornithidae AnseriformesStilts and Avocets of RecurvirostridaeGrebes (Podicipedidae)

LocationAmericas, Africa, & AsiaGreater Flamingos in Africa, southern Europe and southwestern AsiaLesser Flamingos are found in Africa and north part of IndiaFlamingos usually live in areas of shallow saltwater lakes, coastal lagoons and mud flats

Human ImpactWhere flamingos live are being littered on by humans and this can poison, choke and kill the flamingos

FoodAlgae, Small Insects, Small Crustaceans, Shrimp, Plankton, Anchovies, Crabs, Mollusks, Plants, Fruits (in Zoos)

ReproductionFemales only produce one egg per yearChicks are born in medium sized eggs and only take 30 days to hatchParents keep egg in a mud nest and take turns sitting on itBoth mother and father produce milk so baby always has foodBaby learning to eat food,the mother or father pre-chew the food.Baby learns how to hunt from watching the parents and once beak is tough enough the baby starts feeding itself

Flamingos interact with other birds in their habitat


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