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Cycles & Processes

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Van Helmont

Joseph Priestly

Jan Ingenhousz

Julius Mayer

Ruben and Kamen

Melvin Calvin

In Helmonts experiment he wanted to prove that plants use the soils in photosynthesis. so he took a pot of soil and a willow seedling and weighed the pot of soil and the willow tree separately.Then he planted the willow tree by sunlight and watered it every day. after 5 years he took the plants out to find out the wilow tree weighed 150 pounds more. He contributed by finding 1 reactent to photosynthesis which is water.

In Jeans experiment he found out that he source of this carbon is carbon dioxide and that the release of oxygen during photosynthesis accompanies the uptake of carbon dioxide. He contributed to photosynthesis by finding out that a reactent is carbon dioxide

In Calvins experiment he wanted to see if plants could creat food. He put carbon into algae and analyzed to see where it would be found in the cells. He than found out that carbon dioxide was converted to carbohydrates during the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis. The Calvin cycle was than created.

They found out that during photosynthesis oxygen is given off. They also found out that it comes from water.

In Ingenhouszes experient he furthered Priestlys experient by puttuing a plant in a dark charmber. Like a mouse the plant eventually suffacated. he contributed to photosynthesis by finding out that light is a reactant

In Mayers experiment he stated that the sun was the unlimited source of energy. It than brought up the concept that photosynthesis is a conversion of light energy into chemical energy.

In Priestly experiement he knew if you put a candle in a charmber in would eventually go out. He didnt know what would happen to a plant so he put a plant in a chamber and found out that it eventually created oxygen. He contributed to photosynthesis by finding out that one of the reactents is oxygen.

Jean Senebier

intresting facts!!-Photosynthesis affects the lifves of all plants -any compound that absorbs light also absorbs the energy from light-ATP is a useful source of energy


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