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Cycles & Processes

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* Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight to produce food and oxygen.* Photosynthesis is carried out in the specialised structures found in the leaf o the plant called chloroplasts.If you think of Photosynthesis as a recipe you will need:* Water - gathered by the roots from the soil/rain* Carbon Dioxide - from the air* Chlorophyll - green pigment in the chloroplast of the green plants* Energy - from the sun.If any of these ingredients were missing, the process of photosynthesis would not be able to occur

Step 1 The chlorophyll in the cells of the plant absorbs light from the sun

By: Brandon Douaihy

Step 3 The hydrogen joins with Carbon Dioxide to make sugar (food), which will be carried out to other parts of the plants

Step 2 The sun's energy splits the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Step 4The extra oxygen is released into the air!

Photosynthesis is important because:* It provides us with most of the oxyen we need to breathe for our survival* Plants are a source of food for humans and for animals that we would eventually eat.


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