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Cycles & Processes

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A chemical change takes place. Radiant energy from the sun actives the reactants. The reactants are carbon dioxide and water.

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Photosynthesis occurs in the organelles called chloroplasts. In the chloroplasts there is a naturaly occuring dye called chlorophyll

During photosynthesis a plant, which is a producer, makes food for itself. Carbon Dioxide and water are activated by radiant energy, producing the food. In the process a waste or byproduct is created.

Because oxygen is a byproduct it is released through the stoma which are small pores. The animals inhalae in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide for the plants to takes in. Therfor reapeating the cycle

How do plants help Animals?

What is it?

Plants will always be at the begining of the food chain. because they are producers. Some animals eat plants as a source of energy, where as plants don't eat anything and they make their own food

PhotosynthesisBy: Brianna Batista

Because the radiant energy from the sun activates the reactans, the sun provideds a plants energy.

The products of photosynthesis include glucose and oxygen. Glucose is the plants food and it will be stored in the vacuoles. Oxygen is a byproduct and is released.


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