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Step Two: Plants, Bacteria, and AlgaeAll these organisms are able to carry out photosynthesis, today we will use this Maple tree as the example. It is within the green leaves that photosynthesis begins.

Step Five: CholoroplastsWithout chloroplasts within the cell, light would pass right through the cells. Light that enters the chloroplasts will pass through the outer membranes to the thykaloid structures within the choloroplasts, where red and blue light are absorbed but green light is reflected.

Step Four: Mesophyll CellsThe light next passes through to the mesophyll cells on th interior of the leaf. This is where the choloroplasts are contained. These organelles are responsible for photosynthesis. Please view the following link for more information:

Step Three: The Leaf SurfaceAs light passes through the leaf it passes through the waxy clear cuticle layer of cells beneath called the epidermis. The epidermis is one cell layer thick, which provides protection to the leaf, much like our skin. The epidermis controls how gases and water enter the cell and very little light is absorbed in these two areas.

Step One: All Life Begins With the SunLIfe is powered by sunshine that is captured by plants through the process of photosynthesis. All the oxygen we breath was once part of a water molecule that was liberated by photosynthesis!

Final Step: ThykaloidIt is within the thykaloid where energy is captured and light dependent reactions take place. Once the energy is captured it causes an effect, like hot potato, where the energy is passed in a number of chemical reactions that synthesize carbohydrates from CO2 in the air. The final reactions takes place outside the cholorplasts in a process called the Calvin Cycle, also referred to as the light-independent reaction that do not require light. Please view the following link to investigate this reaction:

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Please view slideshow at to see how these reactions work.


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