Photosynthesis vs. Respiration

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Photosynthesis vs. Respiration

Differences- Plants go through photosynthesis to create food for themselves. Animals have to eat food to get energy to fuel themselves. An organism that goes through photosynthesis is called an autotroph. If an organism cannot make their own food and must find a source of food they are called heterotrophs.

Photosynthesis vs. Respiration

Definitions:Resperation- is how cells break down the waste that come in the cell, and produce energy for the cell.Photosynthesis- is when water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide, are used to make a source of food for the organism.

Similarities- Both Resperation and Photosynthesis are used to create a source of food. They both happen in cells. Both Photosynthesis and Respiration take gases from the air and use them to help make energy. The energy Photosynthesis and Respiration supply us with sugars

Plants get energy from the sun DIRECTLY, but animals get energy from the sun INDIRECTLY. Example- grass gets its energy from the sun. If a bunny eats the grass the bunny gets energy from the grass. Then if a coyote eats the bunny it gets its energy from the bunny. The bunny got its energy from the grass it ate, and the grass got its energy from the sun. The bunny and the coyote got energy indirectly from the sun, but the grass got energy dirctly from the sun.


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