Photosynthesis and Aerobic Respiration

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Photosynthesis and Aerobic Respiration

The Process of PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis is a process that plants and some algae use to convert sunlight into chemical energy that the plant can use later.

Photosynthesis & Aerobic Respiration


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Photosynthesis occurs when a plant takes in sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. When the plant has these reactants it produces oxygen and energy, stored in the form if sugar, This sugar is usually glucose.

The reactants for aerobic respiration are oxygen and glucose. Through aerobic respiration water, carbon dioxide and ATP. In it's chemical formula there are 6 oxygen molecules for every sugar molecule.

Aerobic repiration is a process of producing cellular energy. In this process cells break down food in the mitochondria that produces 36 ATP.

The organelle that photosynthesis takes place in is the chloroplast. The organ it takes place in is the leaf.


Aerobic Respiration

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Where does it take place?.

Aerobic Respiration takes place in themitochondira of acell.


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Where does it take place?


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