Photonics Engineering

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Photonics Engineering

-Photonics is the study of radiant energy.-Fundamental element is the photon.-Light devices have superiour advantages over electric devices.-Visible light and infared beams can pass through each other without interferences, unlike electricity.-1 optic fibre can carry up to 3 million telephone calls at the same time.

-They create/improve systems that use photonics.-Check the efficiency of systems to check if they are working.-Invent photonic products-Create easier and less time consumming ways to use systems

-They spend hours at a time imerse in science and technology-Make new discoveries everyday-For each product, they write proposals that state the probability of success and faliure-Work 40 hor week-Responsible for their coworker's safety.

Photonics Engineering

By: Joey Boyle

What is Photonics?

Photon: Visible light particle

The science of photonics is used un our everyday lives. For example, this photo of a light show represents photonics in action.

What do Photonics engineers do?

Their main purpose is to make new innovative products to the medical field, telecommunications, manufacturing and contruction.

In the Workshop

Did you know photonic enginneering is used to delicate eye surgery?!

Some lasers in photonics may or may not sound like this.


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