Photography in the 1950s

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Photography in the 1950s

Photography in the 1950s

Segregated Water Fountains (NC) - Elliott ErwittPeek-A-Boo-Ed Clark

Famous Photos Taken in the 1950s

Segregated Water Fountains- Elliot ErwittPeek-A-Boo-Ed Clark3D Movie Audience-J.R. Eyerman

Types of Cameras:Stereo Camera Press CameraMovie Camera

Flashcubes, introduced in the late 1950s, had four AG1-sized bulbs, on four sides of a cube, with a plastic reflector behind. The camera had a socket to insert the cube, which would rotate as the film was wound to bring the next bulb to the front. Cubes were fired electrically by lower-voltage batteries than most individual bulbs - use of two AA batteries was common.

Press cameracan easily interchange lenses, it can accept sheet film, film packs, and rollfilm. Also is collapsible.

Movie Camera This camera took rapid photos in quick succession, and each image would be captured in an idividual film strip.

Stereo CameraThis camera had three lenses and would use the two bottom lenses for the user to see through and focus the image then the third would capture the image people would also take 3D pictures with these cameras.

50 feet of 8mm film will last a normal family who records at about 18 frames per second 3 minutes50 feet of 8mm film would last a professional film studio about 2.5 minutes recording at 24 frames per second


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