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Photographers, Amazing

Linda McCartney

Photographers, Amazing

I'd like to intruduce 8 photographers. They have great eyes that captured the very beautiful and wonderful momnets in life. Enjoy your time!

Time Line


His photos are very glorious and wonderful. Like Robert Doisneau, he could just use white-and-black films at his time of life. His topics are mostly about Mother Nature, such as mountains, rivers, trees, and wild flowers. It seems that he tells about the God’s words. Even though he used only black and white color, he tells the powerful Mother Nature.

His photos are very funny and enjoyable. He captured many famous and prominent actors and celebrities at his time of life . He is such a historian who recorded the historical people just by using his camera. He tried to capture the very interesting and unexpected moments, such as Jumping. His witty photos are very impressive and give many people joy, refreshment, and inspiration.

His photos are very witty, and juicy.His topics are about the moments of normal people’s life. Interestingly, he captured the shades of things, very dramatically. It seems his eyes had the skill of reading the artistic features in living creatures, totally unexpectedly.

His photos are very humorous, warm, and heary. He captured the very joyful and beautiful moments. His eyes witnessed the happy and precious moments in normal life in London at that time. His efforts tell us about his warm and kind heart to the world.


Roberto Doisneau


Philippe Halsman


Hanri Cateir Bresson

Annie Leiboviz


Her photos are very energetic, colorful, and powerful. Her photos are mostly about well-known famous actors, models, and entertainers.Her dramatic photos inspire many people and give lots of new and fresh emotions.

Ansel Adams


Born in-Died in


Capturing the beautifulmoments in life!

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Decisive moments, 1960s

Dogwood Blossoms, Yosemite Valley, 1938

from his famous "Jump" series,1955

Dalí Atomicus, 1948

Kiss, 1950

Ballerina, 1970s

Linda and Paul, 1970

Her family, 1970s-80s

"Another day", 1971

Wizard of OZ, 2010

Snow white, 2014

Grand Tetons and Snake River, 1942

Decisive moments, 1960s


Sebastiao Salgado

Waura indians fish,2005

Castle Tower, 2005

His photos are very huge and vast. He has another perspective to the nature, compared to Ansel Adams. He is documenting intact nature in order to give human beings a precious lesson that we should protect this plannet as possible as we can. He practically saved a part of the Earth by planting 250 million trees in his hometown.

Her photos are very warm and also sweet. Mostly white, black, grey, and dam and tender colors were used in her photos. She captured her personal life a lot such as her family, her friends, and the nature that she loved a lot. Her photos have stories in them. We can feel calm and friendly and hearty emotions.


Vivian Maier

Finding Vivian Maier

Finding Vivian Maier

Herphotos are very mysterious. She is finding herself in a number of mirrors and glasses. But She still had her witty in taking photos. She is just a normal person but she saw the very unique and different world in her eyes.

Leonardo with a swan,1997


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