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Photographer Carrer

Charcteristics:-Good communication skills-Be able to solve problems-Understanding-Follow job instructions well

Alex NoriegaHe is known for his landscape photography including mountains, deserts, and coasts. He started looking into photography because of the landscape in the Oregon and Washington areas. He studied at University of Wisconsin for his degree.

Electives I can take:-Drawing and Painting-Film and Videotape-PhotographyActivities I could do:-Art Club-Camera Club(Also complete on the job training)


Typical Day:Work with others, deal with equipment, and if you work with a company you'd talk with your clients most of the day.Job Outlook:4.3% is how much this occupation will grow.Median Salary:(In the US)$29,280

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Life Touch is the world's largest employee-owned photography company. They photograph for families, schools, churches, and businesses. What they are mostly know for is their work with schools on "Picture Days"

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Company Brief:Life Touch


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