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Photographer - Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt was born in Hamburg, Germany, son of a British father and German mother, Brandt grew up during World War I, during which his father, who had lived in Germany since the age of five, was interned for six months by the Germans as a British citizen. Brandt later disowned his German heritage and would claim he was born in South London.

Brandt became Britain's most influential and internationally admired photographer of the 20th century.

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Lasting Impacts

In 1933 he moved to London and began documenting all levels of British society. This kind of documentary was uncommon at that time. Brandt published two books showcasing this work, The English at Home (1936) and A Night in London (1938). He was a regular contributor to magazines such as Lilliput, Picture Post, and Harper's Bazaar. He documented the Underground bomb shelters of London during The Blitz in 1940, commissioned by the Ministry of Information. During World War II, Brandt focused every kind of subject - as can be seen in his "Camera in London" (1948) but excelled in portraiture and landscape.





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1904 - Born in Hamburg, Germany1929 - Worked in Man Ray's studio, Paris1931 - Moved to London1938 - Night in London1948 - London Blitz1951 - Literary Britain


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