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Chemical Elements

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It has three alltropic.Red phosporus: It sublimes without the catalytWhite phosporus( p)waxy, transparent solid, and it doesn't dessolve in the water. black phosphorus (P2 it looks like graphit powder. it conducts an electric current in spite of being a non-metal. more:

Henning Bran was a merchant and alchemist in Hamburg, Germany.He discovered it around 1669. Isolatebfrom urine.

History of the phosphorus


Properties and types

Atomic number: 15Atomic symbol: PAtomic symbol: 30.973762Density: 1.82 grams per cubic cmmelting point: 111.57 F(44.15 C)Boiling point: 536.9 F (280.5 C)Group 15; Nitrogen Phosphorus is Greek word mean " bringer of light "


The abundance of phosphorus in the Earth's crust is estimated to be 0.12 percent, making it the 11th most common element.2). meat, milk, beans, and grains.3). mostly found as Phosphate.Read more:

It is essential to all living things. It forms the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA and RNA.



1).It used on the red tips of the ordinary kitchen matches.11). protection of steel. 111).the white (P) used on firework . - Baking powder. - fertilizer-

Red phosphorus

Black Phosphorus


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