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Phosphorus (P)

General PropertiesAtomic mass number - 30.97Atomic number - 15Number of protons - 15Number of neutrons - 16Number of electrons - 15Combing Capacity - -3Family - Nitrogen FamilyMelting point - 44.15 °CBoiling point - 280.5 °C

History of the AtomPhosphorus was found by Hennig Brand, a German merchant and alchemist.The first element to be chemically discovered, Phosphorus, was found in 1669.Phosphorus was found by boiling 50- 60 buckets of urine.Phosphorus can be found in your bones and teeth, it is also an essential ingredient of cell protoplasm, nerve tissues and bones.

BibliographyBooks:''Phosphorus'' By Michael A. SommersWebsites:

This is a phosphorus atom shown in a Bohr model.

Red phosphorus is used in matches.

Phosphorus is also found in fertilizer.

Calcium phosphate, also known as "bone-ash" is used in chinaware.

This is what red phosphorus powder looks like.

Phosphorus is extremely reactive when exposed to oxygen, as this experiment shows.

Phosphoric acid is found in sodas.

Different forms of phosphorus are found in these commonproducts.

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