Phonics And Phonemic Awareness

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Phonics And Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is the understanding how sounds are combined and manipulated to make words.English consists of 44 sounds or phonemes which are combined to make words.Emphasis is placed on sounds and speech.

Dibels(Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)-*Phoneme Segmentation Fluency subtest- used to test for the ability to segment words. (Phonemic Awareness)*Nonsense Word Fluency Subtest- used to check students ability to use phonics concepts. (Phonics)Yopp-singer Test of Phonemic segmentation-Quickly and orally tests students ability to segment words.(Phonemic awareness)The Tile Test-Letter tiles are arranged to create words by teachers for students to read or by students in order to spell words.(Phonics)

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness


Phonemic Awareness

Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies

Building Words

Word Families- Have students create word families orally by changing the begining sounds of words to make new ones. Word games- Give students groups of words in which all have the same onset or rime except for one. Have students listen to find the word that is different.

Word families- Have students begin with a word they already know. Let them change the beginning letters and look for spellling patterns in the words they create.Interactive writing- Create a story as a classroom. Allow students to puzzle through spelling new words and take advantage of teachable moments.

Phonics is the way that sounds and spelling patterns relate to each other.Phonics is used to decode and spell words.


Emphasis is placed on the spelling patterns.


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