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1)Rotary dial phone

"Rotary dial phones" are the first kind of telephones.How do you use it?

The first "Rotary dial phone" has a handset that looks like a bell and the phone receiver is separated to the phone speaker.

3)Wireless dial phone

Phones are a electric device that have are use of calling another phone system anywhere on earth.Before,people use mail to communicate to people that are far away and it may take days or even weeks!Next, people invented the telegraph for faster message to be recieved but was very complicated to use and it was very expensive in those days.Soon a person called Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone and now phones has been a important part of our life.

2) Number dial phone

A "Number dial phone" is a telephone that dials numerals by pressing the numbers on it.It is more easier and saves more time than the "Rotary dial phone.""Number dial phone" after came in different colours.

A "Wireless dial phone" is just like a "Number dial phone" but without a wire.It still needs to be put back into the phone base because it will ran out of battery over time.After, came in many colours and brands.They can be found using now.

A most "Smartphones" has touch screen function than plain "Mobile phone."They are able to move the screen more easier than mobile phones.It also has different colour cases to provent scratches and stain.


4)Mobile phone

A "Mobile phone" is like a "Wireless dial phone" but has longer battery time and it doesn't have a phone base.Now they come in different colours,shape,size and brands.


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