Phonemic Awareness

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Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic AwarenessGradesK-5

Segmenting:The ability to break words down into individual sounds.Tip: Using visual supports like cards, pictures, and symbols can be helpful in learning to segment phonemes.(Light McNaughton, 2009)

Blending: The ability to combine spoken phonemes into wordsTip: Start by blending consonant-vowel-consonant words.(Konza, 2011)

Isolation: The ability to recognise and separate phonemesTip: Check to see if your students understand first middle and last before asking them to isolate phonemes.(Konza, 2011)

Foundational Skills for Phonemic Awareness include rote imitation and enjoyment of rhyme, rhyme recognition, recognition of phonemic change in words, clapping and counting syllables, and awareness of onset-rime.(Moats Tolman, 2014)

Definition“Phonemic awareness is the ability to focus on the separate, individual sounds in words, the phonemes” (Konza, 2011, para. 3), the smallest unit of sound that make a difference to a word’s meaning.

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Ages5yr-7yr(Simpson Andreassen, 2013)

Ages1yr- 5yr(Simpson Andreassen, 2013)

Ages2yr-5yr(Simpson Andreassen, 2013)

Ages5yr-7yr(Simpson Andreassenn, 2013)

Ages5yr-7yr(Simpson Andreassen, 2013)

Manipulating: The ability to manipulate or work with individual sounds in spoken words. Phonemes can be manipulated through substitution or deletion of blended sounds.Tip: Being able to identify words that are similar in sound or spelling can be helpful in building manipulation skills.(Scholastic, 2014)


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