Phonemic Awareness

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Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness

My first activity was from where I laid out 20 words in front of my student and then had her pick pairs of words that had the same ending sounds. After each pair, she would write down the words on paper and underline the ending sounds that were the same to reinforce her understanding. My second activity I got from the Teaching Word Recognition book on page 65 where I worked with my student on examining minimal pairs. I had a template of "___AT". I had her then place different letters in the missing blank - one word at a time - to make up as many words as possible. After each word I would have her stop and sound it out. If she mis prounounced, I would correct and direct her decoding by showing her what she said vs. what she should have said. She was then learning that different letters added on to the "-at" family can make many different words with different sounds and different meanings.

Phonemic awareness is the "access to to the phonology of language that allows reflection and conscious manipulation of sounds that make up words"(O'Conner, 2007). Within this strategy students are learning how to practice sounding out words that they do not know.

Chelsea Nagel & Jayma Marlar

They are learning how to blend sounds, add or remove sounds to create new words, or subsitute new sounds to create new words as well. This is the foundation of leading students to a greater vocabulary over time.

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I used an activity from the Florida Center for Reading Research called the counting sort. My student was given numbers 2-6 to indicate the number of phonemes a word would have and then she had to put the words under the number of phonemes she felt was apporpriate for the word.


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