Phoenix Chavez,Tsunamis

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Phoenix Chavez,Tsunamis

Hello fello stutents,first you will be learning about Tsunamis. First do you know are there different types of Tsunamis?No there aredifferent types of Tsunamis.Now you should know how they and what are the effects?Because of every active volcano.How does a Tsunami strike?A Tsunami strikes when anything active strikes.How are Tsunamis formed?Tsunamisasa a result of earthquakes,volcanic eruptionsor landslides that accur under the sea.How many Tsunamis have damaged the USA?You problable won't beleve but the anwser is 24 Tsunamis.How fast do they move?The anwser is 500 mph.How big do they get?3feet or 7meters.Where doTsunamis accur.For some reason they accur all over the place.What is a Tsunami?A tsunami is a big wave.Do people make supplies kit for a Tsunami?Yes they do.Can we detect them before they hit?Yes,yes we can.How much damage do they cause?Masage damage.Do people plan for a Tsunami? school and familys do.What causes a Tsunami?Volcanoes,earthquakes,and earthslides .Is Hawaii the graetest risk for a Tsunami?Yes it is.Do people head to higher ground When a Tsunami comes?Yes, Fact:Animals do to.Is there another name for a Tsunami?Yes,it is wave train.Has India had any Tsunamis?Yes,India has had over 100 Tsunamis.


I love Tsunamis


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