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Social Studies
Ancient History

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The Phonicians alphabet was one of the oldest alphabets ever created. It had a strict and consistant form. The oldest representation of the Phoenician alphabet is inscribed on the sarcophagus of the King of Byblos, dating to the 11th century B.C.

The Phoenician people were fearless sailors who guided ships full of traded goods through the oceans. They dominated the sea for a long time. The Canaanites were the people who lived in places that are now called Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Egypt controlled parts of Canaan for many years beginning at 1500 B.C. The Egyptian rule ended around 1150 B.C. WHen the rule over ended the Phoenician society finally started making their own city-states. But each priest-king shared government power with leading merchant families and a citizen assembly.




Phoenician Song

The Phoenician art doesn't have very unique characteristics that might make it different from its competitive counties. Phoenicians who were taught on the banks of the Nile and the Euphrates got a wide art experience and finally came to create their own.


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