phoebe caulfield scrapbook

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phoebe caulfield scrapbook

"'Listen I bought you a record.' I told her. 'Only I broke it on the way home.' I took the pieces out of my coat pocket and showed her. 'I was plastered,' I said. 'Gimme the pieces,' she said. 'I'm saving them.' (Salinger. 163)

The Adventures of Hazle Weatherfield: The Case of the Mysterious HouseIt was a chilly Halloween night when Hazle finally decided to go out trick or treating with her friends instead of attempting to communicate to the ghosts through séances. So far Hazle was having a great time trick or treating, she loved the fact that she was getting lots of candy because usually she does not get any candy. Hazle was filled with joy, she had already eaten 4 pieces of candy and at this point she was hyper, along with her other friends, who have already eaten have their bag. They had already gone around the block when they came to an old spooky house. It looked like your average house, except for the fact that you heard screaming from inside and nobody came in or out. One boy dared Hazle to go inside, “Come on Haz! Go in and investigate the house, see if those stories are true! I thought you were the great detective!” “Ok, ok I will go in the house! I think it will be fun.” said Hazle. She approached the house, while her friends were wearing expressions of surprise, amazement, and disbelief. She rung the doorbell, no one answered, again, and no answer, except for the fact that the door creaked open. Her friends started screaming and yelled her to come back but Hazle did not listen, she stepped into the house. Just as she steps into the house a light turns on and she sees her father, sitting at a table, ‘Where have you been honey? You have had me waiting for a good half hour now, I’d figured you’d be here by now.” “Leave me alone! You are not my father! Go away!” Hazle yells and runs off into another room and the door slams shut behind her, it is dark, but luckily Hazle always carries a match with her. As she lit the match she saw a skeleton with a note attached that said ‘BEWARE!’ Reading this only made Hazle more interested in the house so she proceeded to the next room, where she saw a window and her friends were banging against it yelling “HAZLE GET OUT!” Hazle went up to the window and opened it and said, “No, I am staying and you should come with me too, what are you a bunch of scaredy cats?” With hearing this, her friends came in through the window to attempt to prove her wrong. Then they all proceeded to the next room, as they opened to doors a gust of wind blew Hazle’s match out, then it was complete darkness as the door slammed behind them, without anyone closing it.

"Something else she does, she writes books all the time. Only, she doesn't finish them. They're all about some kid named Hazel Weatherfield-only Old Phoebe spells it "Hazle." (Salinger. 68)

"She was smart even when she was a very tiny little kid." (Salinger. 68)

"But I kept walking over to the mall anyway, because that's where Phoebe usually goes when she's in the park. She likes to skate near the bandstand." (Salinger. 118)

"'She's prob'ly in the museum, then. We went last Saturday,' the kid said." (Salinger. 118)

Thursday September 7 1949Dear Diary, Today was a good day. Shirley and I went with Ms. Contiren to the Museum of Natural History. Holden told me he loves the museum because everything stays the same. I don’t understand that. I’d like to see something new every time I go there. My favorite part was the Native Indian sculptures. They used to live here before the Europeans took over. It was very interesting. I think I’ll write a book about Hazle and her adventure with a Native friend she meets, and they go searching for the ancient spearhead and are chased by evil ghosts that don’t want them to help save the dying chief.

"'He may have to stay in Hollywood and write a picture about Annapolis' ' Annapolis, for God's sake!' 'It's a love story and everything. Guess who's going to be in it! What movie star. Guess!" (Salinger. 164)

“Then, under the speller, there were a bunch of notebooks. She has about five thousand notebooks. You never saw a kid with so many notebooks.” (Salinger. 160)

Dearest Phoebe,How are you? I’m stuck in this school with a lot of phonies and liars. How are your grades at school? Probably really great. I’ve been thinking about Allie lately and his baseball glove. There’s something about it, don’t you think? All those poems that he wrote on it. Anyway, I just want to know what you thought about that. I can’t stand to think of D.B. and what he’s doing in Hollywood. Working for all those phonies and such. Anyway, have you gotten any new friends recently? I’m just writing along, not knowing what to say. I miss you old Phoebe. Tell mom to buy me the proper skates next time. Sincerely,Holden

”I’m fine. Did you get my letter? I wrote you a five page-.“ (Salinger. 162)

“There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother. Oh, how I hated that little boy, and loved him too.” (Quindlan, Anna)


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