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The DSM-IV classification of Phobia is as an anxiety disorder and a panic disorder. A phobia is irrational or excessive fear of an object or situation. Types of phobias range from social phobia( fear of social situation), Agrophobia( fear of being trapped in an enclosed space), and specific phobias such as arachnophobia(fear of spiders). When faced with someones phobia they experience symptoms asociated with intense fear. This would involve extreme anxiety, your sympathetic nervous system takes over, you experience shortness of breath, increased heart rate, hot and cold flashes, perspiration, and a fear of dying, even from irrational stimulus.


The exact cause of a person's phobia is undetermined, however it is widely beleaved the certain factors involving ones genetics, culture, and life experiences could assist in the development of a phobia. The most common method of treating a phobia is through desensitization of the stimulus. This occures through controlled and safe exsposure to the subject of the phobia. The idea is that through frequent gradual exposure the person with the phobia will eventually lose any fear of the object or situation.

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