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Phineas Gage Project

SummaryThe day was September 13,1848 in the state of Vermont. One railroad foreman will change the way we see the brain work. That man is Phineas Gage. After a huge accident where a 3 foot, 7 inch tamping iron goes through his head, Phineas miraculously survives, but is changed forever. This accident, which is studied by scientists, helps settle the debate between the "Whole Brainers" and the "Localizers." This proves that the lobes of the frontal cortex control the executive functions. This is the part of your brain that controls your abilities to predict, decide, and interact socially. What happens to Phineas Gage after the accident? Do you want to learn more about the brain? Then grab this book from your closest library now!

What I liked best:The story of the actual accident and how Phineas is able to walk and talk aferwards as if nothing has happened. What I liked least:As much this is a science book, Phineas's story ends quite sadly, as Phineas loses his job, has seizures, and dies eleven years after the accident.

RecommendationsI would recommend this book, but only to people who do not know much about his story or are looking for information about brain science.

Favorite Quotation"He can't believe that this man is still alive."

Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story About Brain Science

By John Fleischman

CharactersPhineas Gage: 26 year old railroad foreman who had a tamping iron go through his head, but survived.Dr. John Harlow: Phineas's doctor who treated him after the accident. His article about Phineas catches the attention of others.Dr. Henry Bigelow: Professor of surgery at Harvard Medical College, who studies Phineas and is a member of the Whole Brainers.


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