Philosophy Through TV series

by AltamuraBellone
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Philosophy Through TV series


I fell for this book right off the bat.

In this book Tommaso Ariemma wants to make young people understand that philosophy is a real lifestyle that brings happiness and culture. He knows that studying philosophy at school may seem old fashioned and boring. So he seeks to reconcile two different symbols on the cover of the book: the pot represents thepast and the ancient Greek philosophers while the popcorn inside refers to modern tv series. A significantinterpretation of this picture is that young people can eat popcorn from the pot of philosophy (representing culture) while watching modern TV series. This is an alternative method to teach philosophical thought.

I think that the method adopted by Ariemma in order to teach philosophy is very good, as watching the TV series “The walking dead” I have been able to better understand some of Aristotle’s concepts that were not very clear on my philosophy book. For example, through the television series you can understand the principle of non contradiction. In fact, as in the television series the protagonists have to distinguish the living beings from the dead, according to Aristotle, one must distinguish those who reason well from those who think badly, with the aim of taking an alternative path. Moreover, according to Aristotle, all we see has been caused by something. Even the dead are in fact the result of a pandemic that has affected humanity and for which a cure is being sought.



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