Philosophy Of Teaching Science

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Philosophy Of Teaching Science

Philosophy of Teaching Science

My Elementary Experences




What did we do?

Teacher In-Put

I remember my teachers reading from textbooks, and doing worksheets. Small experments didn't happen until i took chemestry in highschool. The work sheets and posters were fun and i guess i can say i remember all i need to know, but it wasn't fun.........

I don't remember my elementary years well due to family matters, but what i do remember isn't loving science. In fact the biggest memories i have are of being scolded when my 'ocean bottle' didn't turn out right, or of not winning the science fair. Science became a class compition and fr a kid who wasnt interested in competion i quickly gave in. I learned what i needed to but never really 'shined'.

I do not want to teach science like my teachers. I know it is a new struggle to fit it in to the day but what i can fit will be memrable. I want my students to remember learning the things they will need to know. I want all learning in my classroom to be fun or at least not tedious. But science begs to be fun.

I learned about the water cycle and can still picture the drawings. I remember growing lima beans to learn the plant life cycle. Most of my science knowledge i remember learning in middle school. I remember using cotton balls to make a cloud poster, learning the types of clouds. All three!

How i want to teach Science

What I learned

Science can be cool, if the effort is made to make it real...

My Feelings

What I Learned


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