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Philis Wheatley

Her hobbies when she became mature were writing books and poems on various subjects , and religious. Her intrestes were reading and writing things about the real world.


Phillis Wheatly was born in the year of 1753 in Africa. She was about 8 when she was taken from her family and was put on a ship to the Americans colonies. Her family was very upset.

Phillis Wheatly was not allowed to go to school. She got home schooled by her parents. She wasn`t allowed to go to collage. At home she mostly studied writing but she learned math and science too.

Life ' Work

She loved writing. Her first book was a poem. They sent her to England to show the book.

Goals ' Contributions

Her goal was to become an author. She had to overcome problems by not letting them get in the way of her dream of being an author. She got treated like a super star in England. She was the most famous black person in Europe America! She died in the year of 1784.

Phillis Wheatley

Later Years



First African American Author


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