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Phillis Wheatley

In 1778 Phillis Wheatley married John Peters and had 3 children. She started poetry when she was 12. Phillis was taught English,Latin, Greek, and mythology. Phillis was taken away from her parents and went on a slave ship to America when she was 7 years old. She was a personal servant for John Wheatley and his wife. George Washington even wanted to meet Phillis Wheatley to see her and talk to her in person. When she was a slave she had to do house chores. The Wheatleys saw that she was interested in books and writing and they taught her English and other languages. Phillis was treated better than other slaves. When she was sold she was seperated from her family. She was the first African American to have her books published.


1753-Phillis Wheatley was born in Sengal,West Africa.1761-Phillis is captured and gets sold to John Wheatley and works as a maid.1762-Phillis starts to get interested in books and was taught how to read and write.1765-Got her first poem published at the age of 121778-She got married to John Peters and had 3 kids1784-Phillis Wheatley died

Phillis Wheatley had her poems published in the newspapers so other people could read them.Some of the poems she wrote are "On Imagination", "Ode to Neptune", and "A Rebus". Her first poem was called "Newport Mercury and was published in the newspaper in 1767.

Lasting Impact

Phillis Wheatley proved to many people that color does not matter. She inspired people with her poems. People read about the tough times she went through.

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Phillis Wheatley



Phillis Wheatley


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