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The first car ever made had three wheels and it was a steamed powered car. It could only go 4 mph. It was bullt in the late 1700's.

The first step is to sketch the car.

The third step is when people make a model car with clay.

Step 4 they cut steel sheets out with a stamping machine.Step 5 is when they melt the parts of the steel sheets so they can stick together.

Step 6 when the car get painted. The car get painted with three coates.

Step 7 they connect stuff to the engine and suspension.

Step 8 the parts are attached according to the costermer.

Step 9 is the last step.So they make the windsheld and brakes and other stuff too.

The second step is for the computer to generate 3d images of the car.

How Cars are Made

By:Phillip Tran


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