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The Lightning ThiefAuthor: Rick RioridanMain Characters: Percy Jackson, Grover, and Annebeth Summery:Percy goes on a school field trip. His teacher, Mrs. Dodds, tries to fight Percy and Percy pulls a pen out of his pocket and instinctively uncaps it, the pen's ball point turns into a sword. Percy fights, and defeats Mrs. Dodds. Percy and his mom go to a vacation and they have to leave early. They drive the car, now with Percy, his mom, and Grover in it, to camp Half-Blood. Percy, Grover, and mom, now have crashed the car and mom is fighting the minotaur. Percy’s mom dies from minotaur squeezing her to dust. Percy has been at camp Half-Blood for one or two weeks, finds out he is the son of Poseidon. Later that week, Percy is granted a quest. Percy, Grover, and now Annebeth are taking a taxi as far as they can to Las Angeles to return the stolen bolt to Zues. Percy goes to LA with a couple of distractions on the way. They go to a hotel and Percy finds out that there were people there from the 1970’s. Percy, Grover, Annebeth left and Percy was relieved that it has only been one day. They resumed the quest. They got to Hades relm where they thought that Hades stole The Bolt, only to find out The Bolt was in the backpack that Ares gave them for the journey to LA. But then Percy, Grover, and Annebeth found out that Hade’s Helm has been stolen.



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