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Social Studies

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In the Philippines school dancers are singing and dancing to the Bamboo Dance. This is a cultural dance that use bamboo sticks. The dancers avoided hitting the sticks as they perform.

Fun Facts- Dance is one of the most famous far-reachimg cultural traditions.- Batangas cathedral, Lipa is built in the shape of a circular dome with massive walls and balconies.- Crater Lake, shown in the picture below, is the second most active volcanoe in the philippines having 33 violent eruptions with high death tolls. - Romblon province is full of evidence from the Spanishh era, like twin forts and the main lighthouse.- In Bohol, the Chocolate hills remain a mystery to geologists. They are unable to explain the perfectly shaped hills and the brown color.- Mactan Island features a number of the worlds exclusive hotels and resorts.- Flores De Mayo is a holiday to celebrate Reyna Elena and Virgin Mary. Young girls dress up as statues of them decorated with flowers.- Lake Buhi is home to the worlds smallest edibal fish, the Sinarapan.

Las Filipinas(Philippines)

This is Philippine Flag

This is what the local food looks like. Yum!

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Crater Lake, Mt. Pinatubo

This is the map!

HousingIn Mindoro lots people put their homes on stilts beacuse the houses are so close ocean they could flood easily.

FestivalsPahiyas is the anual harvest festival. Some kids get dressed up in festive performance outfits for a parade.

Main FoodFilipino life often revoloves around fishing. Since the Philipines is a island, fish is a main dish.

This is Manila, the capital!

The Philippines has lots of beautiful beaches


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