Philip II

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Philip II

Philip II

If I was alive in 2013-2015, my favorite song would probably have to be 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons. I could really relate to it because sometimes the negative things in my head make my decisions for me.

When I passed away, it was because of old age. No one really knows where I went, but I sure went down peacefully. While I was alive and in reign, my father, King Charles V, and my wife, Mary Tudor, had both passed away. My father because of old age and my wife becaue of cancer. But all in all, I enjoyed my life, even though people did not enjoy me.

“‘Philip of Spain’ was an extraordinary monarch. He was a man of great ability but very little wisdom. He was a Christian who never showed the slightest sign of love, tolerance, or forgiveness. He ruled millions but lives in isolation. He possessed fabulous riches but ruined his country’s finances. It is impossible to sum up Philip in a few words except to say that he was extraordinary and that his strange character left a permanent imprint on world history.”

Philip had became to king of England, thanks to his marriage to Mary Tudor, Queen of England.

Philip had a son, but was mentally unbalanced and often occasionally violent. He was imprisoned by his father but died shortly after, rumor having it that Philip killed him.

I think Philip would be good friends with his son, Don Carlos. Considering he was put to death and Philip was very cold. He never knew Don very well. Considering Philip was cold to him, Don learned to be just as cold. He was also a fighter and a ruler.

If I could become friends with someone around my time, it would be Galileo because he is very intelligent and he would know what to do, and he would most likely help me in my times of need.

( Philip II )

Mary Tudor ( Philip's wife )

Also, I would like to be friends with Nostradamus because he could predict the future so he would be able to tell me if I would win my upcoming battles and stuff.

Most recent update:

Hello, my people. I am in a very bad mood. The two highlights of my life have just passed away. Spare me the grief, and be sure to show people who disrespect you who actually is boss here.

( Galileo )

( Nostradamus )

This is Ancient Spain, what I ruled over.


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